Can You Lose Weight with Soccer? My Experience

I was having a hard time losing weight when a friend introduced soccer to me. At first, I was hesitant, because I don’t have any idea how I’d be able to play soccer with the weight that I have. But with discipline, perseverance and a good women’s soccer cleats , I managed to learn how to play soccer and learned to love it.

Soccer for Weight Loss


I didn’t know that soccer can contribute that much to losing weight. It can be an overall workout for the body because it can work your heart and muscles in all the right ways. Soccer helped me to build more muscles without bulking me up while burning more fat because it recruits both the fast and slow twitch muscle fibers in my body. It also serves as my cardio, since it can burn more calories that my usual cardio workout back then.

Let’s talk about how soccer helped me lose weight:

It Burns More Calories

Soccer helped me burn more calories, in fact, it can burn an average of 260 calories for every hour ( ) that I am on the field. Always remember that you need to burn more calories instead of eating more calories than usual. For every one pound of fat, you need to burn at least 3,500 calories. I played soccer three to four times every single week, and I burned an extra 2,000 calories per week. This then helped me lose two pounds per month, just from playing soccer. Soccer can provide the body the intensity that it needs to be able to burn calories.

It Burns More Fat

Another thing that soccer did is that it helped me lose weight by burning more of my fat. The reason behind this is because since soccer will twitch my muscle fibers, since the sport makes me do movements that are explosive, such as jumping, sprinting, and more. By pulling my muscles, hormones for fat burning is then released to burn more fat during the game. Yes, it may be tiring at first, but I got the hang of it, and I’m sure that you will too.

It Helped Me Build Muscle

When I was trying to lose weight a few years ago, all I did was run on the treadmill every single day. This will not only make my body burn fat but as well as muscle, which is not a good thing. With soccer, it did not only helped burn fat but also helped me with building the muscles. The reason behind this is because the more the muscle fibers are being stimulated, the more my muscles will grow.

These are the reasons why playing soccer helped me lose weight in an efficient and fun way. Of course, for me to fully enjoy soccer, I also made sure to choose good soccer shoes. There are a lot of women’s soccer cleats ( ) in the market today, and all you have to do is to choose best one, which will not only make soccer more fun but will also ensure that your feet will get the support that it needs when playing soccer.

Weight Loss Options

You know you need to lose weight but perhaps you are not yet ready for fitness bootcamp. You could be shy and not want to start working out with people you don’t know. That is understandable but you should remember that most people going to a bootcamp are in the same position. They are there to lose weight and tone up.

You may be considering other weight loss options of which there are many! There are some great ones and some not so good ones. Here we try to give you an outline of the ones you could try and ones you should avoid.

Which Weightloss Options to Avoid

Weight Loss

1. Weight loss pills

Unless your doctor has prescribed you a weight loss pill, don’t be tempted by these products. Not only do they not work on a long term basis but they can be very damaging to your health. You could lose weight but as soon as you stop taking the pills the weight will creep back on. Forget about what the adverts on TV say. There is no quick and easy solution to losing weight. If there was, we wouldn’t be in the middle of an obesity epidemic at the moment.

2. Fasting

While there is nothing wrong with doing a short detox plan, the key is the word short. Long term fasting is bad for you in a number of ways. Not only will your body suffer but your mind will as well. We all need vital vitamins and minerals to stay alert, stay in control of our emotions and above all to be happy. Long term fasting doesn’t achieve anything and is best avoided. If you do an odd day fasting here and there make sure you avoid strenuous activity at these times. You should never work out when you are fasting as you are bound to experience light headedness and perhaps also palpitations.

3. Weightloss surgery

Your physician may recommend surgery but this is usually only done as a last resort. This means that you should have explored all other avenues to lose weight. Surgery can work for some individuals but is usually only recommended for those whose weight is putting their health at risk. It certainly isn’t the easy option as it carries a lot of risk, is expensive and may not even work in the longer term.

So if the above don’t work – what good weight loss options are there?

Although we are currently in the middle of an obesity epidemic it is not actually that difficult to lose weight. You simply have to consume more energy than you are consuming. In other words, you have to eat for your lifestyle.

The only guaranteed way to lose weight and more importantly keep it off is to follow a healthy eating plan. Try to cook the majority of your meals from start to finish so that you know exactly what they contain. You also need to start working out on a regular basis. If you are obese or have an underlying health condition you need to work out under medical supervision.

Start gradually. You cannot just launch into a full blown fitness program if you can barely climb the stairs. But once you get started you can build on your fitness levels week by week. The easiest way to get fit and toned is to attend a local fitness bootcamp so why not pluck up the courage to join one today?